Sea walls and bulkheads have many different uses. We specialize in new construction or repairs to existing structures.

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Seawalls are constructed to separate property from a body of water. Whether it be separation from the ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers, etc. A sea wall minimizes the negative impact of water/erosion to the shoreline. The installation and/or repair of an existing sea wall requires specialized procedures to create a lasting and secure barrier between your property and potential erosion issues. Based on individual needs, Seawalls are constructed of multiple types of materials. Docks MD has the equipment and expertise to construct whichever type of sea wall that best suits your needs.

Bulkheads are constructed to create separation of land and land. Most are typically constructed to separate different soil elevations or soil types. These bulkheads can be seen in residential homes, on golf courses, and at parks. We will happily assist you in planning and construction of your project.


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