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Docks MD is a well-established company dedicated to providing reliable dock cleaning and repair services. With years of experience in the business, we have built a reputation for exceptional service and top-quality workmanship. Docks are a crucial part of any waterfront or property. Docks MD recognizes the importance of this and is committed to delivering fast and efficient service. Our skilled and experienced professionals use advanced equipment to provide tailored solutions for dock maintenance, cleaning, and repairs of all sizes. Offering both routine maintenance and emergency repair solutions, Docks MD is always available to attend to your dock needs.  For further details on our services, contact Docks MD.

Our Services

Docks MD offers superior dock cleaning, repair, and maintenance services for individuals and businesses. Our advanced technology and quick response times ensure clients’ needs are met promptly and efficiently. With a reputation for excellence and a dedication to exceptional customer service, we guarantee a safe, clean and healthy dock environment that exceeds all expectations. Choose Docks MD with confidence and experience top-notch service for your dock.

Our Core Services

Our Main Areas of Expertise


Docks MD cleans docks of all sizes and types using eco-friendly products and top-notch equipment. We inspect and identify issues before using pressure washing and scrubbing to remove debris, dirt, and algae. Then, a specialized cleaner is applied that not only removes stains but prevents future growth. A final rinse and inspection ensure a clean dock that’s ready for use. This thorough service from Docks MD improves the appearance of your dock and extends its life.


Our company provides professional repair and maintenance services for boat docks. We offer a comprehensive range of affordable solutions to help keep your dock in pristine condition. Our highly skilled and experienced team can handle any dock repair, including damaged boards or pilings, loose hardware, and structural damage due to weather or age. We use only the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure your dock is sturdy and long-lasting.

Maintenance is also a crucial aspect of keeping your dock functional and safe. Our team can provide regular inspections, cleanings, and preventative maintenance to help extend the lifespan of your dock. Don’t put off repairing or maintaining your dock any longer – contact us today to schedule a consultation and keep your boat dock in tip-top shape.


Docks MD offers premier boat dock services and assistance in preparing for hurricanes. Our experienced professionals provide customized plans specific to each dock owner, taking into account factors such as materials and location. We recommend measures such as tie-downs, hurricane straps, and marine fenders for extra protection. We inspect and repair existing docks, reinforce materials, and suggest temporary storage solutions for boats. We focus on delivering exceptional service that ensures safety and security for you and your boats. Trust us to be your partner during hurricane season and beyond.

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